Part 15: The Chuckle Brothers captured Maddy and have saved the world... or so it seems.

A Change in the Weather
14x15 A Change in the Weather

Series Number


Episode Number


Written By

George Poles & Simon Littlefield

Guest Staring

Kirsten Cooke, Peter Gale, Rosemary Macvie, Brian Patton

Previous Episode

Men from the Monastery

Next Episode

Messy Xmas

Plot Edit

Maddy is led away by Carrington-Smythe's men but declares that the weather machine will still be activated, creating a new Ice Age and, when Gran tells Paul and Barry that she took the real ruby and gave it to Dan to look after, they realise that Maddy could be right - this was the one stolen from the magic show. They arrive at a funfair for a showdown with Murk, Maddy's henchman, whom they pursue across the rides, but they eventually deactivate the machine and save the world.

Watch the episode below! Edit

ChuckleVision 14x15 A Change In The Weather (Widescreen)13:53

ChuckleVision 14x15 A Change In The Weather (Widescreen)

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