A Clean Sweep
"To you, to you, and further up the chimney!"

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Original Airdate:

February 18th 1995

Written by:

The Chuckle Brothers

Previous Episode:

"Health Farm"

Next Episode:

"The Missing Piece"

The Chuckle Brothers attempt to clean a chimney.


Paul and Barry put up a sign for Dan The Van's estate buisness. Whilst putting up the sign, they notice the door of the house has been left open, they go inside and Paul thinks the chimney could do with a clean as the two get to work on a new job. Paul arrives with the brushes and Barry destroys the vacumm cleaner causing soot to go everywhere. Paul comes up with the idea of combining the brushes to make it go further up the chimney, Paul looks up the chimney only to get soot on his face, he tries to trick Barry but it backfires as he gets more soot in his face.Barry gets the end of the brush stuck up the chimney, he gets it out along with a brick that happens to land on Paul's hand. Paul tries sweeping the chimney with a even longer brush only for the brush to go through the chimney upstairs and through the window and bump into Barry's backside.

Barry gets a ladder from the truck outside as Paul goes up onto the roof to retrive a stuck brush. The man takes the ladder while Paul is still on the roof. Paul falls down the chimney as Barry holds onto the rope Paul is connected to leaving him in midair round the side of the house. Paul is able to get Barry back into the house just in time to get rid of the couple who wanted to look round the house for sale. The chuckles then return the bedsheet back to the bedroom before leaving the couple to see all the soot fall out of the supossedly clean fireplace.


  • The man with the ladder and the couple are left uncredited dispite each having reletively long ammounts of dialogue.
  • The "To you, to you, and further up" gag would be recycled in Series 10's "The Shout".

Watch the episode below! Edit

ChuckleVision 7x07 A Clean Sweep19:31

ChuckleVision 7x07 A Clean Sweep

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