Bookshop Chuckles
15x09 Bookshop Chuckles

Series Number


Episode Number


Written By

Ben Ward

Guest Staring

David Williams, Leslie Schofield,

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On Your Pike

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Music of Time

The Chuckle Brothers are asked to look after Mervin's Bookshop.

Plot Edit

Whilst looking after a second hand book-shop the Chuckle Brothers accidentally summon Merlin the magician. Paul doesn't believe he is a magician and gets turned into a wasp rather than an ant. They get sent back in time briefly to the court of king Arthur where Paul must realise that Merlin is actually a wizard to get back home.

Watch the episode below! Edit

ChuckleVision 15x09 Bookshop Chuckles (Higher Quality)13:57

ChuckleVision 15x09 Bookshop Chuckles (Higher Quality)

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