Series Number:


Episode Number:


Original Airdate:

December 22nd 1998

Written by:

Gail Renard

Guest Starring:

Leo Dolan as Lorry Driver
Frances Allberry as Bride
Antony Reed as Groom

Previous Episode:

"The Gathering"

Next Episode:

"Garden Pests"

When the lorry advertising Dan The Van's new Mexican restaurant breaks down, Paul attempts to fix it.


The Chuckle Brothers are on a lorry dressed as Mexicans to advertise Dan the Van's Tex-Mex restaurant, but the lorry breaks down, and, in their efforts to fix it, the brothers cause an ice cream van and a car carrying a bride to her wedding to break down as well. Fortunately, the bride is an expert mechanic, but the brothers are tasked with preventing the groom from seeing her, and, by the time she has mended all the vehicles, a huge tailback has built up.

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ChuckleVision 11x01 Breakdown17:58

ChuckleVision 11x01 Breakdown

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