Brian Chuckle is one of the younger brothers of Barry, Paul and Jimmy. His stage name is the Patton Brothers and works alongside Jimmy when it comes to liveshows.


Brian Elliott was born on the 4th of September 1934, he and Jimmy are the older brothers of Paul and Barry. They began their career in 1954 as part of a double act. They worked together for the first time in 1956 for Aladdin at the New Wimbledon Theatre in London.

Both Jimmy and Brian made regular appearances in ChuckleVision, however MrGetOutOfIt didn't become a character later on, as Brian tend to play one time characters back in the early days of the show. Brian first appearance was in The Hunt for Chalky White, which he played Chalky White.

All four brothers appeared together on a game show '3-2-1' with Ted Rogers on 17 April 1982 (Season 4, Episode 13), and also on New Faces. Afterwards, Jimmy and Brian returned to being the Patton Brothers.

History Edit

Jimmy and Brian both grew up in Rotherham, just like their brothers Paul and Barry, but were born in Kent. Their late brother Colin never became an actor, and their late sister Sheila was married to the actor Bill Waddington, who played Percy Sugden in Coronation Street. Jimmy and Brian are the sons of Jimmy Elliot, a comedian who later became known as Gene Patton as there was already a Jimmy Elliot in the business. When Jimmy left school, he joined "Britain's Dead End Kids" in 1946 and performed in five pantomimes before Brian joined and teamed up with Jimmy. Jimmy and Brian got their big break in 1956 when they performed in an Aladdinpantomime as Chinese Policemen, a role that they have performed eight times since. Other roles have included: Ugly Sisters, Broker's Men, Henchmen and Chief and Dame. They have appeared alongside many British pantomime favourites such as Barbara Windsor, Ronnie Corbett, The Chuckle Brothers and John Inman.

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