Bringing Home Dan
16x13 Bringing Home Dan

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Written By

John Sayle

Guest Staring

David Barry, Barry Killerby, Mia Kuller, Lorraine Woodley,

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Plot Edit

Dan the Van, covered from head to foot in bandages, needs to attend an important meeting and Paul and Barry collect him from the hospital to take him. On the way they are attacked by sinister men in black, almost lose Dan in a quicksand and meet a cafe owner who thinks they are Ant and Dec. Afterwards the woman, who is trying to get Dan to his meeting, meet up with Paul and Barry after they try to barricade themselves in a shed and explains what she was trying to do. This results in Dan getting very angry but he actually managed to make it to the meeting, even worse shape than before!

Trivia Edit

  • Barry Killerby (the same actor who played Sir Percy) is credited as playing Dan The Van in this episode, making it the only known time anyone has been credited for playing Dan The Van.

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