Buzz Off
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Series Number


Episode Number


Written By

Michael Malaghan

Guest Starring

David Williams as Mr Hives
Robert Ashe as Milton P. Limebacker III

Previous Episode

Knights To Remember

Next Episode

Hairs Apparent

The Chuckle Brothers look after Mr Hives' run down attraction Honey Castle, but a scheming businessman is determined to have the castle for himself


The Chuckle Brothers go to ailing tourist attraction Honey Castle to act as assistant bee-keepers to its owner Mr. B. Hive. A ruthless American tycoon Milton P. Limebacker III is hoping to bully Mr. Hive into making a cheap sale. Paul fails to see him for what he is, and attempts to be nice to him, but covering him with honey, catapulting him off the see-saw, shoving him out of a window and trampling him underfoot ensures the deal is off.

Edited or Unedited? Edit

ChuckleVision 13x09 Buzz Off (Edited)14:02

ChuckleVision 13x09 Buzz Off (Edited)

ChuckleVision 13x09 Buzz off (Unedited) (Fixed Audio)18:10

ChuckleVision 13x09 Buzz off (Unedited) (Fixed Audio)

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