ChuckleVision Incidental Music Soundtracks, containing incidental music featured in ChuckleVision, have been released since 2014 by ChuckleVision composer Dave Cooke. They have been released for digital download on iTunes and subsequently have appeared for purchase on Amazon and Google Play. As of November 2015, four volumes have been released featuring music spanning from 1990-2005 (Series 1-17) with at least one more album in the pipeline for release in the future, however as of 2017 it has been delayed due to the Cooke's other musical commitments.

Volume 1 Edit

The first volume was released 15 September 2014 and featured music spanning from 1990-1993 (Series 3-5). They featured famous tracks such as 'Chuckles Go To Work' and 'The Seaside'.

iTunes Link: ChuckleVision, Vol. 1 (Music from the Original TV Series)

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Vol. 1 Artwork

Full Tracklist:

Track Name Year/Series (In Which Featured)
1. ChuckleVision (Remix) (New Remix of Title Music) 1991-2009
2. Chucks a -Go-Go Series 4 (1991)
3. Chucks to Me to You Series 4 (1991)
4. Chucks of Invention Series 4 (1991)
5. Chucks Men at Work Series 4 (1991)
6. Chucks At the Flicks Series 4 (1991)
7. Chuckles and Mussels Series 4 (1991)
8. Chucks Beside the Sea Series 4 (1991)
9. Chucks Art Dealers Series 5 (1992)
10. Chucks, Boats and Planes Series 5 (1992)
11. Chuckle Chaser Series 5 (1992)
12. Chucks Crimebusters Series 5 (1992)
13. Chucks Feeling Good Series 5 (1992)
14. Chucks On the Move Series 5 (1992)
15. Chucks Up Up and Away Series 5 (1992)
16. Chucks Wrong Number Series 5 (1992)
17. Silly You, Silly Me (Remix) (New Remix of 'Silly Me Silly You') 1995

Volume 2Edit

The second volume, released 13 October 2014, featured more tracks from the classic era of the show (1994-1996)

iTunes Link: ChuckleVision, Vol. 2 (Music from the Original TV Series)


Vol. 2 Artwork


Track Listing
1. Chucks Sax Appeal
2. Chucks All Brassed Up
3. Chucks Chaser
4. Chucks Racers
5. Chucklemart Hotel
6. Chucks Time Travellers
7. Chucks Murder Mystery and the Fruitpickers
8. Chucks-A-Fiesta
9. Chucks Missing Lucky Health Club
10. Chucks Raider of the Lost Diary
11. Chucklebarge and the Missing Power Sweep
12. Chucks Invisible Heroes
13. Chucklestein and the Steam Brothers
14. Chuckle's Back Yard
15. Chuckle Ness & Chalky White's Frontier
16. Chucks and the Furious Sax Attack
17. Chucks Hilarious Sax Chase
18. Chucks and Sax Full of Plumbing
19. To You To Me (Remix)

Volume 3 Edit

The third volume, released 16 March 2015, featured tracks featured from the show at the height of its popularity, towards the end of the 90s, spanning from Series 9 to Series 11 (1997-1999), as well as several remastered tracks from the Chuckle Brothers 1990s album To You To Me.

iTunes link: [1]


Vol. 3 artwork


Trackname Year/Episode (Featured)
1. Shake the Barn (Remix) 1995 (Shake the Barn - To You To Me)
2. Chucks Painted Library and the Strange Wheel of Misfortune 1997 (Paint Drips, Wheels of Misfortune)
3. Lord Chuckle 1997 (Lord Chuckle)
4. Beached Dinosaurs & High Jinx Holiday Camp 1996-1997 (Digging for Dinosaurs, High Jinx, Chuckles in Charge)
5. Chuckles Big Foot Car Wash Sleepwalker At Sea 1997-1999 (Big Foot, Auto Manics, Sleepwalker, All at Sea)
6. Chucks Flat Broke Indiana Chuckles 1998 (Flat Broke, Indiana Chuckles)
7. Chucks Star Gazing and the Gathering 1998-1999 (Stargazing, The Gathering)
8. Chucks Stop That Stamp 1998 (Stop That Stamp)
9. Chucks Brazil Nuts Brothers in Law 1998-1999 (Brazil Nuts, Brothers in Law)
10. Chucks Breakdown Matchstick Men 1998-1999 (Breakdown, Matchstick Men)
11. Chucks Getting the Bird with Chuckle and Hyde 1999 (Getting the Bird, Chuckle and Hyde)
12. Chucks King of the Castle 1999 (King of the Castle)
13. Chucks One Man Barry, Chairman Chuckles and Garden Pests 1998-1999 (One Man and His Barry, Chairman Chuckles, Garden Pests)
14. Chucks Optical Illusion Soup With Mountain Excitement 1999 (Optical Illusions, In the Soup, Mountain Excitement)
15. Dance With the Man-Hit-it - (Remix) 1995 (Dance With the Man - To You To Me)
16. Eat Yer Greens 1995 (Eat Yer Greens - To You To Me)
17. You've Really Done It This Time 1995 (You've Really Done It This Time - To You To Me)
18. Shark Attack 1995 (Shark Attack - To You To Me)
19. No Slacking 1995 (No Slacking - To You To Me)

Volume 4 Edit

The fourth volume, released 12 November 2015, featured tracks from the series as it entered the Millennium, spanning from Series 12 to Series 17 (1999-2005) omitting Series 14 due to Dave Cooke having misplaced the series within his archives. The album also features a brand new remix and remastered version of Keep That Noise Down from the To You To Me soundtrack at the start and end of the album.

iTunes link

Cover170x170 (2)

Vol. 4 Artwork


Track Name Year/Episode (Featured)
  1. What a Chuckle Is All About
2. Chucks Well Double Suited Mayor's Food for Fort 2000 (Well Suited, Mayor Today,

Gone Tomorrow, Double Trouble, Food for Fort)

3. Chucks the Real Dan and Wrong Number 2000/2001 (The Real Dan, Wrong Number)
4. Chucks Foul Play and Prize Exhibits 2001 (Fowl Play, Prize Exhibits)
5. Chucks Cousins Buzz Off Hairs with Clones of Silence 2001 (Cousins at War, Buzz Off, Hairs Apparent,

Send in the Clones, Silence is Golden)

6. Chucks Christmas Belles 2002 (Messy Xmas, A Christmas Chuckle)
7. Chucks Music Time with Magnetic Mummy on War Hoses 2003 (Keeping it Under Wraps, Magnetic

Distraction Part 1, 2 & 3, Music of Time

8. Chucks On Your Pike with the Purple Pimple 2003 (On Your Pike, The Purple Pimple - Kidnap, The Purple Pimple - Mutiny, The Purple Pimple - Escape
9. Chucks Bookshop, Teashop, School 2003 (In a Class of Their Own, Bookshop Chuckles,

Storm in A Teashop)

10. Chucks Sherlock's Gangster Garden 2004 (For Peat's Sake, Mocha Do About Nothing, Sherlock Chuckle
11. Chucks the Purple Pimple 2004 (The Return of the Purple Pimple)
12. Chucks Bringing Dan Home with the Whole Tooth on the Verge 2004 (On the Verge, The Whole Tooth, Bringing Dan Home)
13. Chucks Cross Country to Bedlam with Shrinking Barry and Which Witch 2004 (Incredible Shrinking Barry Parts 1 & 2, Which Witch is Which? Bedlam and Breakfast, Cross Country Chuckles
14. Chucks Funny Money in the Crocodile Shop 2005 (Crocodile McChuckle, Funny Money)
15. Chucks Viking's Pea, Pride and Prejudice 2005 (The Chuckle and the Pea, The Vengeful Viking, Pride and Prejudice)
16. The Purple Pimple Revisited, Pt.1 2005 (Highway Robbery, Smugglers, The Real Purple Pimple)
17. The Purple Pimple Revisited, Pt.2 2005 (Highway Robbery, Smugglers, The Real Purple Pimple)
18. The Purple Pimple Revisited, Pt.3 2005 (Highway Robbery, Smugglers, The Real Purple Pimple)
19. Keep That Noise Down N/A

Volume 5 Edit

Dave Cooke has confirmed that a Volume 5 will be produced which will take the show's incidental score through to Series 21 - the final series. However, due to other musical commitments, Cooke has been unable to fully commit to producing the album and thus it has been delayed indefinitely. There is no indication as to when this album will eventually be released.

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