"This is Dr. Bonkers, he has invented a robot that will revolutionalize the cleaning industry."

Series Number:


Episode Number:


Original Airdate:

January 24th 1996

Written by:

John Sayle

Guest Starring:

Jimmy Patton & Alan Heap

Previous Episode:

"Football Heroes"

Next Episode:

"Oh Brother"

The Chuckle Brothers end up becoming test subjects for a mad scientist's experiment.


Paul and Barry are applying for a job at the Better Bristle Brush Company and their boss in No Slacking, who introduces them to all the brushes they will be selling.

On their travels, Paul decides on a spooky looking house, which scares Barry. The house is owned by Dr Bonkers and as they look around the house, he closely watches them. They find and enter the lab and as Barry cleans it, they find a lifeless body, the model of Frankenstien, who wakes up and chases them around the room.

They are eventually seeken out by Dr. Bonkers and he chooses Paul for his experiment and he connects him and Frankenstein together. After overhearing, Barry calls No Slacking for help and he comes over to the house. Barry then finds the piece of equipment the Professor needs for his experiment and starts to chase him around the house for it.

Meanwhile around the front of the house, No Slacking arrives and they introduce him to Dr. Bonkers who asks him to help him with his experiment, to which he swiftly agrees.

After the experiment, No Slacking's body is left brainless, while the Frankenstein walks around with cleaning equipment uttering his catchphrase, then the brothers look at No Slacking's figure in confusion.

Watch the episode below! Edit

Chucklevision 8x06 Chucklestein19:12

Chucklevision 8x06 Chucklestein

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