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Feb 1 2009

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ChuckleVisionMan1992 has put up some episodes from Series 3.

List of Episodes Edit

These episodes are listed below: 

  • 3x03 Stop That World...!
  • 3x06 Window Wind-Ups (Only part 2, part 1 taken down by BBC)
  • 3x09 On the Move
  • 3x10  Car Carnage
  • 3x11 Hotel Hostilities (Only part 2, part 1 taken down by BBC)
  • 3x12 Cabbies and Chips

Trivia Edit

  • These episodes have been reuploaded by ChuckleVision TV but as a full episode rather than 2 parts
  • In the about section the uploader states he would start uploading Series 4. It is unknown if he did start uploading episodes since there are no videos from that series on his channel. If he did then the BBC would've terminated his account since he already had 2 videos taken down so he probably didn't upload any.

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