Dear Diary
"Well Barry, you've done it again. I can honestly say that's the worst video I have ever seen in all me life."

Series Number:


Episode Number:


Original Airdate:

March 20th 1996

Written by:

Rory Clark & Robert Taylor

Guest Starring:

John D. Collins

Previous Episode:

"Costa Lotta"

Next Episode:

"Steeple Chucks"

The Chuckle Brothers both read each other's diaries, and think they're both ill and ready for the scrap heap. But it's all one big mistake.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Barry and his trainer flying in a plane. It goes a bit out of control until he steers it back into shape. It then shows Paul in the parking booth who lets a car go past and then sits there bored. He then goes to fill his diary in so he doesn't get bored. He reads and eats peanuts while he does it. He writes in it and puts it down. Since it's his birthday next week he goes and looks for his present around the house. Meanwhile Barry gets out of the plane excitedly to give him his present, which is riding in a plane. He needs his doctor's test results in order to fly. After that they come to a plane. The guy says the plane is falling to bits and needs to be repaired for Paul's birthday. While that is happening Paul is looking frantically in Barry's bedroom for his gift. It's not there and searches until he sees Barry's diary. He reads it on his bed to find nasty comments about him - like his spikey hair. Paul flips the diary to 'this week' and sees that Barry has to go to the doctor and thinks he might not well. 

Barry comes out of the doctors after he got his results. Back at the small home Paul hears the phone ring. He answers it and gets through to Carson McDonald (Barry's Trainer) who explains what's wrong with the plane and that it needs to go to scrapheap. Paul thinks that it's Barry who is for the scrapheap and not the plane. While he is sitting down, Barry walks through the door. Paul acts natural.

Watch the episode below! Edit

Chucklevision 8x14 Dear Diary (Widescren Test)19:26

Chucklevision 8x14 Dear Diary (Widescren Test)

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