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Number of Subs

46 (From Web Archives July 11 2011)

Date Created

June 9 2008

goodlad79 is a defunct YouTube channel that was responsible for uploading several rare ChuckleVision episodes.

History Edit

He uploaded the following episodes:

  • 3x07 - Trouble in Store
  • 3x08 - Poster Pranks
  • 3x13 - Cycle Crazy

All the episodes uploaded were from the original broadcasts in 1990 evidenced by the brief cutaways to presenters at the end of the closing credits and shown very briefly before the episode starts of Poster Pranks.

Channel Deletion Edit

Goodlad79's channel was terminated when the BBC performed a copyright sweep of YouTube and deleted a number of ChuckleVision episodes they claimed as infringing their rights - which included this channel's uploads. The episodes have since been re-uploaded by subsequent users and can currently be viewed on ChuckleVision TV.

Channel Design Edit

This is goodlad79's channel design from July 11 2011 before his termination.Goodlad79 Channel PageHere are some comments:Goodlad79 Comments

Trivia Edit

  • It is noted that goodlad took very great care of his ChuckleVision tapes since the quality is pretty good compared to some of the other series 3 episodes uploaded from other users.

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