Terry Randall

Terry Randall in "Minibus Madness"

Inspector Happy is a character in ChuckleVision. He is portrayed by Terry Randal. He appears to be based on Inspector Blake from On The Buses.


He first appeared in "Minibus Madness" as Inspector Happy, a very unhappy bus inspector.

He next appeared in "Headline News" as a German Professor.

He next appeared in "Treasures of the Deep" as a Park Keeper.

He next appeared in "ChuckleMart" as the owner of a superstore.

His last appearance was in "All Clued up when he repised his role as "Inspector Happy on the bus that the chuckles are travelling on.


Terry Randall wrote a few episodes of ChuckleVision, his first episode was Poster Pranks, his second episode was Oddball Inventors. His next episode was Minibus Madness in which he starred himself. He wrote a couple more over the years.

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