Paul and Barry look after a spooky Museum that is haunted by a Mummy.

Keeping it under Wraps
15x03 Keeping it under wraps

Series Number


Episode Number


Written By

George Poles & Simon Littlefield

Guest Staring

Michael Eaves, Sharon Hinds

Previous Episode

Christmas Chuckle

Next Episode

In a Class of their Own

Plot Edit

Barry and Paul are nightwatchmen at the museum,guarding the priceless ankh of Tutankhamun, which the curator has told them is cursed. However the sarcophagus is open and empty and they are chased around the building by the mummy.

Trivia Edit

Watch the episode below! Edit

ChuckleVision 15x03 Keeping It Under Wraps13:58

ChuckleVision 15x03 Keeping It Under Wraps

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