Lotta Bottle
Lotta Bottle

Series Number:


Episode Number:


Original Airdate:

December 22nd 1999

Written by:

James Carey

Guest Starring:

Frances Allberry, Kate Copstick, Eleanor McCready, Paul Jerricho, & Neil Percival

Previous Episode:

"No Pets Allowed"

Next Episode:

"Spaced Out"

The Chuckle Brothers attempt more than one kind of delivery when they get jobs as milkmen.


Barry and Paul are working as milk delivery men on the early morning run. However, they get caught up with a different type of delivery altogether when they have to assist Dr. Smith.


  • The car thief is uncredited due to him not speaking.

Edited or Unedited? Edit

Chucklevision 12x02 Lotta Bottle (Edited) (Widescreen)13:58

Chucklevision 12x02 Lotta Bottle (Edited) (Widescreen)

ChuckleVision 12x02 Lotta Bottle (unedited)18:42

ChuckleVision 12x02 Lotta Bottle (unedited)

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