Minibus Madness
Minibus Madness

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Episode Number:


Original Airdate:

January 2nd 1993

Written by:

Terry Randall

Guest Starring:

Terry Randall, John Rutland, & Alistair Donkin

Previous Episode:

"Spooks and Gardens"

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"Under Lock and Key"

The Chuckle Brothers become minibus drivers.


Paul and Barry apply as bus drivers for Happy Valley bus company. Their boss is an angry man named Inspector Happy who isn't very happy to see them. Happy will give them the job on the condition that they get their own bus, so the two go to the scrapyard to get one for cheap, after a failed hagling, the Chuckles get a bus and an extra £5.

After testing and cleaning the bus, the Chuckles are ready to hit the road. Happy comes around to inform them if they don't get any customers during the day, they won't get the job or a licence. Barry comes up with the idea to pick up hitchikers off the road. When Happy comes round for the inspection, he isn't impressed and tell the two if they don't get a large ammount of customers in one hour, they won't get their licence.

Barry comes up with another idea, to get all the scarecrows and disgise them as passengers at the bus stops. Happy is watching all this and none the wiser to the sceme and is suprized with their success. When the inspection comes around, Happy is extremely impressed and is going to go give a £50 check to the 100th passenger. Paul and Barry cannot stop him and Happy gives the 100th passanger the check but pulls off his hand and faints. The Chuckles decide its time to give up the minibus business but not before actidentally running over Happy's beloved bike making him madder than ever ironically.


  • Inspector Happy is played by Terry Randall, one of the writers of ChuckleVision.
  • The bull that charges at Barry is oviously stock footage.
  • Only episode to air in 1993.
  • The writer; Terry Randall; stars in the episode as a guest apperance.


Barry: Here's one answer to the name of Tiddles. I can do that. Call me Tiddles.

Paul: Tiddles?

Barry: Yes what is it?

Man: This is a request stop isn't it?

Barry: Yes it is.

Man: Oh good, Do you know "When I'm Cleaning Windows" by George Formby?

Barry: Yes. *Gets back on bus which drives off*

Watch the episode below! Edit

ChuckleVision 5x15 Minibus Madness (Higher Quality)

ChuckleVision 5x15 Minibus Madness (Higher Quality)