Nature Watch

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Episode Number:


Original Airdate:

December 3rd 1988

Written by:

John Sayle

Guest Starring:

Billy Butler

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The Chuckle Brothers explore the world of wildlife.


Paul comes looking for Barry and he jumps out on him, hiding, but he tells him to go and get a bird hide. Then Barry explains to Paul his Grandfather's history and being waged on chicken feed.

Paul welcomes the audience and explains to them that they will be conducting their own nature watch. They go over to the hide and Barry starts to hide in it, while Paul gets annoyed by his lack of knowledge on the subject. Outdoors, they explore other hides, including one Paul mistakes, as it is a builder's tent.

Back in the studio, the Chuckles present some images on the board of wildlife, but they are all deer and Paul gets annoyed, except one of Barry's collection of badges and Paul hands over to Armchair Theatre.

Back in the studio, Paul helps Barry move the hide out of the studio after he struggles to do it himself, but Barry sees a spider and tells Paul who is scared himself, and they fall down the stairs with the hide. Outside, after erecting the hide, they show how to put the camera in the hide and the spider comes back and Paul tries to capture it, but he fails. They move over and show off their new bird table and Barry has lots of miniature chairs and a shower for it, to which Paul is impressed.

Up in Scotland, the McChuckles are looking for a bird and see it, but it drops fish onto them and they walk off. Back in the studio, Barry completes the bird table and they head out to the hide to take some pictures of wildlife. In the morning, they show off their shots, one is completely black, the other is of a car's headlights and the final one is of a car's taillights. They end the programme and look out to reveal a main junction to what they were taking pictures of.

Watch the episode below! Edit

ChuckleVision 2x03 Nature Watch19:32

ChuckleVision 2x03 Nature Watch

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