Not in our Backyard
Stop The New Ro

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Original Airdate:

January 21st 1995

Written by:

Nick McIvor

Previous Episode:

"The Hunt for Chalky White"

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"Another Fine Ness"

The Chuckle Brothers try to save the Mill from being demolished to make way for a new road.


Paul and Barry decide to put up a bird table at the mill to stop the greenhouse effect but they haven't got planning permission, they go to the town hall to get some when they notice a new model of the canal bank has the mill missing and a load of papers say the mill is to be demolished in a week to make room for a highway.

The two are having none of it and go object, they come back with a load of forms, to save the mill they have to fill them in by the next day, Paul falls asleep reading them so the two cannot send them in, the two start a protest by putting a banner on The ChuckMobile but it keeps tearing in half so the two try another protest.

The two try a publicity stunt meaning Barry has to slide down a high block flat, he is not qualified so instead Barry jumps off a small garden wall but even that ones too high so they think of something else. The two chain themselves to the town hall to get the attention of the town council but they find out that the town hall closed an hour ago.

Paul decides that if the two can find a rare bird living around the canal, the council will not be allowed to demolish the mill, they don't have any rare birds living at the canal so Paul dresses Barry as The Rare Spotted Canal Barry and films him around the canal in a last attempt. They send the tape to the town hall saying they decided to cancel the road making the mill and the area around it a special conservation zone. Unfortunately this means Paul and Barry cannot put up their bird table.

Watch the episode below! Edit

ChuckleVision - 7x03 - Not in My Back Yard (Better Quality)19:17

ChuckleVision - 7x03 - Not in My Back Yard (Better Quality)

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