Oh Brother
Oh Brother
"It's great to have you back!"

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Episode Number:


Original Airdate:

January 31st 1996

Written by:

Rory Clark & Robert Taylor

Guest Starring:

Brian Patton

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"Lottery Lunacy"

While working at a railway, the Chuckle Brothers run into their seemingly long-lost brother, Trevor.


The brothers are running a train station and prepare for all the trains coming in by adjusting the tracks. Paul receives a letter from the brothers' Aunty Elsie, and sends a reply back via the mail train. At the other end, a man is thrown off the train and the Chuckles take him in and bandage his ankle. While they are off making tea for the man, he looks at a letter and claims to be their long lost brother, Uncle Trevor. The revelation excites Paul, but fails to convince Barry. During dinner, Paul gives Trevor a whistle so that he can request anything from Barry. Trevor is also given Barry's room but, in a rather unpleasant turn of events, both Barry and Paul end up sleeping outside.

In the morning, Trevor starts to make more demands for Paul and Barry, while he also has to handle lots of waiting customers and make his breakfast. After causing an angry stir with the customers, he ends up using the ChuckMobile to take them to their destinations.

After his breakfast, Trevor requests a round of golf at the station and lunch. Meanwhile Barry returns and communicates his suspicions to Paul about Trevor being a fraud. The two argue, and Barry leaves the station with a bindle leaving Paul in tears. Trevor then shows Paul his plans for the place, with Paul doing all the work. Barry then phones Aunty Elsie and enquires about Trevor, finding out that he has been in Austrailia for 20 years, and he returns to seek him out. Meanwhile, Paul has wired the whole station so that Trevor can get his meals whenever he requests, but Barry returns in disguise and messes with the ropes so that Trevor's meals are thrown into disarray.

Barry enters and confronts Trevor in a disguise as "Uncle Alf" and he lies to him about both the brothers, claiming he does all the work, but when Paul comes in, he doesn't recognise Uncle Alf and Barry unveils himself, telling Paul of his masquerade. Finally, Trevor confesses that he is not really their brother, and the Chuckles bag up Trevor and load him back on the mail train. Back in the station, Paul immediately sets Barry to work, but welcomes him back warmly.


  • This episode was filmed at Hampton Loade Station on the Severn Valley Railway.

Watch the episode below! Edit

ChuckleVision 08x07 Oh Brother18:59

ChuckleVision 08x07 Oh Brother

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