Outward Bounders
Outward Bounders

Series Number:


Episode Number:


Original Airdate:

January 15th 1998

Written by:

John Sayle

Guest Starring:

Penelope Freeman, John Pennington, & Ross Gurney-Randall

Previous Episode:

"New Pages"

Next Episode:

"The Shout"

The Chuckle Brothers participate in a survival course.


Paul and Barry are on an outward bound course, the object being to return to the hotel ahead of rival teams, but the competitive and bullying Army duo, the Chief and dim young Harry, aim to intimidate the brothers. Fortunately Barry manages to get back first, have dinner and return for Paul.But it's a photo finish back at the hotel's swimming pool. Who will make the biggest splash?

Watch the episode below! Edit

ChuckleVision 10x04 Outward Bounders18:45

ChuckleVision 10x04 Outward Bounders

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