Paint Drips
Paint Drips

Series Number:


Episode Number:


Original Airdate:

January 22nd 1997

Written by:

John Lester Hall

Guest Starring:

Marie Philips & Ray Chaney

Previous Episode:

"Wheels of Misfortune"

Next Episode:

"The Big Day"

The Chuckle Brothers do some painting at a library.


The Chuckle Brothers are sent by Councillor Smallbeck to paint the library where they inevitably cause havoc. Having smashed a vase they proceed to tip paint over the readers as well dropping a bucket of paint on the librarian, whom they also knock off a ladder before she chases them out of the building.

Watch the episode below! Edit

Chucklevision 9x06 Paint Drips19:01

Chucklevision 9x06 Paint Drips

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