Simon Harvey in "Highway Robbery"

Robespierre is a character in ChuckleVision. He is portrayed by Simon Harvey


He first appeared in "The Maltby Falcon" as Comrade Evenoff, a jewel thief.

He next appeared in "The Purple Pimple Trilogy" as Robespierre, the person who is trying to defeat Sir Percy.

He then reprised his role in "The Return of the Purple Pimple", "Highway Robbery", "Smugglers" and "The Real Purple Pimple".

He next appeared in "Chuck Bodgers" as space villain Ping the Pitiless.

He next appeared in "Sherwood Chuckle" as the Sheriff Of Nottingham.

He next appeared in "Mind Your Manors" as a Stone age person.

He next appeared in "Cops and Jobbers" as an Agent.

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