Rory Clarke and Robert Taylor are a writing pair who are mostly known for ChuckleVision. Sometimes they write episodes on the own but commonly they write together. Rory Clarke has written for a few other shows such as Out of Tune in 1996 and some Scoop episodes in the 2009-2011 season. Robert Taylor however has just stuck to this up until it's cancellation. They are the 2nd most common ChukleVision Writers behind John Sayle. As of now they are both not doing anything as much.

Episodes as Rory Clarke and Robert TaylorEdit

Series 6Edit

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Series 9Edit

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Series 11Edit

Episodes With Only Rory ClarkeEdit

Series 11Edit

Series 12Edit

Series 13Edit

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Series 15Edit

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Episodes With Only Robert TaylorEdit

Series 11Edit

Series 12Edit

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