Safe And Sound
Gran the van

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Written By

John Sayle

Guest Starring

Rosemary Macvie, Peter Gale and Malcom Terris

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Silence Is Golden

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Trouble At The Mill

Part 1: The Chuckles Brothers visit Gran The Van to deliver a safe and help showcase the very rare and priceless Runnymede Ruby to her guests. But it suddenly goes missing.......

Plot Edit

The Chuckle Brothers are delivering a safe to Dan the Van's Gran's House. Gran doesn't speak to Paul (after what he did last time he visited) but only pays attention to Barry instead. The Brothers are told to place the safe in the study. Whilst placing the safe on the desk it collapses, due to its weight. They find a red shining Ruby (The Runnemede Ruby) and they manage to mend the desk and test the ruby by trying to cut a circle on the window which falls out and shatters, resulting the ruby to be real and they place it in the safe.

Later that evening, The Brothers then greet the guests (including Tadlock and Carrington-Smyth) who are staying overnight for a private viewing of the Runnemede Ruby. The Brothers then decide to "sleep" in the study with the pajamas given by Gran. Paul tries to open the safe but causes chaos for the sleeping guests. The final attempt for Paul, A quiet explosion, which results all the guests to leave angrily. Barry remembers the combination (that he put in the safe earlier in the party) and opens the safe to reveal that the ruby is gone. The Brothers then decide to search for the ruby with Barry trying to phone for a desert island to rent.

Trivia Edit

  • Not all of Gran's guests were credited.

Watch the episode below! Edit

Chucklevision 14x01 Safe and Sound (Widescreen)14:03

Chucklevision 14x01 Safe and Sound (Widescreen)

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