See How They Run
Young Paul and Barry Chuckle

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Episode Number:


Original Airdate:

December 18th 2009

Written by:

Julian Dutton

Guest Starring:

George Rae, Charlie Kenyon, Jordan Hill, Tim Faraday, & Mark Perry

Previous Episode:

"Dishing Up Trouble"

While cleaning out their rubbish, the Chuckle Brothers discover an old trophy for the Five Kilometer Run and reminisce about how they both won it over Martin Swift back in their schooldays.


Clearing out rubbish the Chuckle Brothers discover a school trophy for the Five Kilometre Fun-Run, which both claim to have won when they were schoolboys, competing against the super-fit Martin Swift. Even as a boy Paul cheated and made inventions which failed to work but when they go to get the trophy cleaned and discover the true winner they are in for a shock.

Trivia Edit

  • This was and is, the final episode of ChuckleVision

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ChuckleVision 21x06 See How They Run

ChuckleVision 21x06 See How They Run