Series Number:


Episode Number:


Original Airdate:

February 26th 1997

Written by:

Jo Boyle

Guest Starring:

John Dallimore

Previous Episode:

"Oh Dear What Can the Mattress Be?"

Next Episode:

"Put Up Job"

The Chuckle Brothers get stranded on an island near Birmingham.


Paul and Barry get ship-wrecked on an island. It is actually a traffic island just outside Birmingham, but then they are joined by another 'castaway' and it turns into a fight for survival between him and them.

Watch the episode below! Edit

The episode is still in 2 parts and the quality is still poor. There hasn't been a higher quality upload and ChuckleVisions is the original source for this episode.

ChuckleVision - 9x11 - Shipwrecked (1 of 2)09:27

ChuckleVision - 9x11 - Shipwrecked (1 of 2)

ChuckleVision - 9x11 - Shipwrecked (2 of 2)09:08

ChuckleVision - 9x11 - Shipwrecked (2 of 2)

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