One of the Many Staples of ChuckleVision is the accompanying score in almost all episodes provided by Dave Cook. However surprisingly enough there was music never made by Dave Cook and is either stock music or music provided by other artists whether it's a licensed song or a traditional song from long ago. Here is a list of all music never composed or created by Dave Cook.

Series 1Edit


1. Top Hat, White Tie and Tails - Irving Berlin 1935

Barry Performs this routine in his caveman costume. When Paul enters the music stops

2. Extract of Swan Lake - Tchaikovsky 1876

Paul and Barry pose as 2 dancers who do the famous swan lake dance routine.

3. Five Star - Can't Wait Another Minute - 1986

Song used in the Disco Scene where Paul and Barry begin dancing. Written by Sue Sheridan and Paul Chiten.

Series 2 Edit

Music Edit

  1. Tchaikovsky 1882 - 1812 Overture - used when Barry plays the piano in the concert hall.

Series 3 Edit

Hotel Hostilities Edit

  1. The Scaffold 1968 - Thank You Very Much - Performed by Paul, Barry and No Slacking at the end of the episode.

Series 6Edit

Pizza the ActionEdit

  1. Giuseppe Verdi 1853 - Coro di zingari - Better known in English as the Anvil Chorus, this is the music that plays on the radio as the Chucks prepare the pizza.

Series 8 Edit

Football Heroes Edit

  1. Luciano Pavarotti 1990 - Nessun Dorma - extract used when Paul and Barry score a goal, unfortunately for the wrong team.

Costa Lotta Edit

  1. Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe 1987 - Barcelona - used at the beginning of the episode when Paul and Barry step off the plane in Spain.

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