The Chuckle & The Pea
17x05 The Chuckle & The Pea

Series Number


Episode Number


Written By

John Sayle

Guest Staring

Andrew Mackay, Penny Morrell

Previous Episode

Funny Money

Next Episode

The Vengeful Viking

Plot Edit

Paul and Barry have gone to visit Lettice, a deaf, elderly relative of Dan the Van. After dinner the brothers are loading the plates into the dish-washer when a pea rolls off a plate and under a cupboard. Paul insists that they retrieve it - "after all, it may have been a cabbage" - and in the process they almost demolish Lettice's kitchen.

Watch the episode below! Edit

CV- Series 17- Episode 5- The Chuckle & The Pea14:01

CV- Series 17- Episode 5- The Chuckle & The Pea

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