Chuckle Cart

Barry pushing the ChuckleCart.

The Chuckle Cart was a cart the Chucks pushed about in series 3, it was used to carry things like leaflets and Car Washing equipment. A running gag was that the cart would randomly tip over when left alone. It was replaced by The ChuckMobile in series 4 onwards


It only appeared in series 3, the first episode it was seen in was Stand And Deliver, Paul and Barry use it to deliver leaflets.

It then appeared in Window Wind-Ups, the Chucks carry washing equpiment on it.

It then appeared breifly in Poster Pranks, Paul and Barry use it to carry the stuff they need to make a poster on it.

It's final appearance was in Car Carnage, Paul and Barry again use it to carry cleaning equipment on, they end up denting the car with it.

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