Part 10: Paul and Barry continue their search for the professor. They find him but he doesn't seem to be himself and completely mad.

The Hidden Genius
14x10 The Hidden Genius

Series Number


Episode Number


Written By

John Sayle

Guest Staring

Ronald Forfar, Kirsten Cooke

Previous Episode

Barry the Spider

Next Episode

Run Robot Run

Plot Edit

Following all the clues that they have amassed the Chuckle Brothers are eventually able to find out where Maddy is hiding the professor. They are able to release the professor but Maddy herself escapes and they are still no nearer to finding out who was the accomplice who stole the Runnymede Ruby from Gran's house - or indeed the whereabouts of the Ruby itself.

Trivia Edit

  • The man who is the lift looks similar to Carrington Smythe but it isn't him. He is also not credited.


Watch the episode below! Edit

ChuckleVision 14x10 The Hidden Genius (Widescreen)14:07

ChuckleVision 14x10 The Hidden Genius (Widescreen)

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