Part 1: Robespierre is on the hunt for The Purple Pimple

The Purple Pimple - part 1 - Kidnap
15x11 The Purple Pimple Kidnap

Series Number


Episode Number


Written By

John Sayle

Guest Staring

Simon Harvey, Tilly Edwards, Barry Killerby

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Music of Time

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The Purple Pimple - Mutiny

Plot Edit

During the French Revolution the Chuckle Brothers are footmen to the Countess LeBlanc, who has been saved from the clutches of Robespierre by the Purple Pimple. She does not know it but the Pimple is really her true love, Sir Percy. Robespierre pursues them to England, masquerading as the Duc de Montmartre and initially suspects that Paul is the Purple Pimple.However, due to Paul's stupidity the brothers believe that Robespierre is on the Purple Pimple's side and allow him to abduct the countess. 

Trivia Edit

  • This episode along with Escape are considered rare episodes because they weren't on YouTube till quite recently due to the BBC taking the original uploads down for copyright.
    ChuckleVision 15x11 The Purple Pimple part 1 - Kidnap (Widescreen)14:01

    ChuckleVision 15x11 The Purple Pimple part 1 - Kidnap (Widescreen)

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