Part 2: While aboard a ship, the brothers encounter a bunch of pirates.

The Purple Pimple - part 2 - Mutiny
15x12 The Purple Pimple Mutiny

Series Number


Episode Number


Written By

John Sayle

Guest staring

Jimmy Patton, Brian Patton, Barry Killerby

Previous Episode

The Purple Pimple - Kidnap

Next Episode

The Purple Pimple - Escape

Plot Edit

The Chuckle Brothers stow away on the ship taking Sir Percy to France, to help him rescue the Countess, but they are discovered and made to scrub the deck with tooth-brushes. A mutiny breaks out when the crew want to take the ship to the West Indies to look for treasure, indicated on a map, but Sir Percy takes them all on and beats them - though he does throw the map overboard and ends up with Barry and Paul, scrubbing the deck.

Watch the episode below! Edit

ChuckleVision 15x12 The Purple Pimple part 2 – Mutiny (Widescreen)14:04

ChuckleVision 15x12 The Purple Pimple part 2 – Mutiny (Widescreen)

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