The Whole Tooth
16x10 The Whole Tooth

Original Airdate:

12 March 2004

Written By:

John Sayle

Guest Starring:

Annette Crooks, David Baker

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The Return of the Purple Pimple

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Barry swallows a fly at the dentist and gets disastrous results when he drinks fizzy pop.


Paul is dragging an reluctant and scared Barry all the way to the dentist. Barry is called in and the dentist is revealed to be no other than Paul. After he tips Barry on the chair, he tries to examine his teeth when a fly goes on Barry's nose, Paul tries to remove but ends up having the fly in Barry's throat and Barry accidently swallows it.

Barry and Paul wait at the bus stop, some people leaved annoyed by the noise of the fly from Barry's mouth. Paul tries to find out the solution to remove a fly in the library. Paul tells Barry that once an Old Lady swallowed a fly and used a spider to remove the fly, Barry points out that it's from an Nursery Rhymes section. Paul tells Barry that Nursery Rhymes are based on real facts, and Paul takes Barry to Professor Flitcroft. Whilst there, Professor Flitcroft concludes that it's an Nicaraguan firefly. Paul learns from the Professor secretly that it could lay thousand of eggs. Only the Professor gives them a guide of fireflies.

Whilst Paul is using Barry as a light to read through the guide in the staffroom, He comes up with the idea to remove the fly by using fizzy pop. Barry drinks several bottles of fizzy pop in order to burp the fly out. At night, Paul can hear Barry hiccuping and casting a light from his mouth, he prepares to return to the professor in the morning. Morning came, and Barry's stomach has swelled up. Paul rushes Barry to the professor, who tells him that fizzy pop can increase his swelling on his stomach and it bursts like a balloon if Barry rolls over his stomach. Barry does so and he is sent rolling through the corridors on his bed, Paul then goes after him but trips and was also rolling through the corridor on a bed. The brothers cause havoc and Barry crashes into the reception area where he is called in for the dentist. Paul then appears with his equipment keeping repeating Barry's name over and over.

However, it revealed it was all a dream, Paul tells Barry that the Dentist is today, this causes Barry to have flashbacks and then scream in terror.

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ChuckleVision 16x10 The Whole Tooth14:01

ChuckleVision 16x10 The Whole Tooth

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