Time Travellers
Time travellers
"Excuse me, can you repair my carriage clock?" "No!"

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Original Airdate:

March 12th 1994

Written by:

Nick McIvor

Guest Starring:

Jimmy Patton

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"Headline News"

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"Treasures of the Deep"

The Chuckle Brothers travel through time.


Paul and Barry are fixing clocks and Barry asks for the time which Paul thinks is a stupid question. Paul is wiring all the clocks together so they all turn back together. While passing a chair over the counter, they knock down Mr. Thompson's carriage clock and break it. He turns up and says they have an hour to get it fixed, Paul reverses and corrects the time and he walks in again and they get confused. Until Paul realises he has invented a time machine and they try and reverse the clock back to 9 o'clock. But they end up going back in time and meet NS as a musketeer. They take him to fix his sundial and drop it on his foot and he chases them and they get back and bring time forward again.

They are far in the future and before they can reverse time, a futuristic NS walks in and asks them to repair his watch. Barry starts to mess with it and NS separates Barry's legs from his body but he gets them back and NS walks out. They quickly put time backwards again but Barry gets the lever stuck and they pull it off resulting in it smoking up.

They end up in the stone age and Paul falls down a hole and they discover their stone age relatives. They plan to eat them but they run away quickly. They manage to get back to the present day but the day before, and NS comes in with his clock and asks the Chuckle Brothers if they can repair it, and they say no.

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Chucklevision 6x10 Time Travellers

Chucklevision 6x10 Time Travellers