Well Suited
Well Suited

Series Number:


Episode Number:


Original Airdate:

January 12th 2000

Written by:

Gail Renard

Guest Starring:

Angela Easterling & Paul Grunnert

Previous Episode:

"Spaced Out"

Next Episode:

"King of the Mill"

The Chuckle Brothers discover that Barry's new suit magically cleans itself.


The Chuckle Brothers buy a suit each from a second hand shop in order to smarten up their image and find something highly unusual about Barry's suit.It is impossible to stain - any marks on it just wipe off. Paul decides to claim it as his invention, naming it Pauloline, and takes it to garment manufacturer Harold Stone, to sell to him. However, it becomes clear that Stone wants all the credit for himself and wants to cut the brothers out of the deal.


  • The opening scene was filmed on High Street, Chesham in Buckinghamshire.

Edited or Unedited? Edit

ChuckleVision 12x04 Well Suited (Edited) (Widescreen)13:56

ChuckleVision 12x04 Well Suited (Edited) (Widescreen)

Chucklevision 12x04 Well Suited18:45

Chucklevision 12x04 Well Suited

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